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My personal research interests include the following:
1800-1850. England (Yorkshire, London and Winsor)
1800-1900. Norfolk, Virginia; Grenada, Mississippi
1870-1930. New York City; Campania, Italy
1750-1950 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania; New York City and Yorkshire, England
1800-1900. New York City and Germany1
1750-1850. Pennsylvania & Germany
1880-1920 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania2
1800-1900. Virginia (Norfolk, Eastern Shore)

Documents and photographs pertaining to my family are stored here.

A library of genealogies, histories, maps, and other material are in my Reference Library.

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  1. Frank / Franz Humboldt just appears in New York City. Family story is that he was a vonHumboldt that screwed up and was kicked out of the family and had to leave Germany.
  2. Census and marraige records show Mitchell as great-grandmother Mamie's maiden name, but I don't know who her father was or if that actually was her maiden name. Compounding the confusion, she gave every census taker a differant age and parents' birth country.