Hi! I'm John, Welcome to my Genealogy Web Site!Me

This site is one of my ways of sharing what I have learned in the nearly 50 years I've been documenting my family's history and repaying the many, many people that have helped me. My Trees are elsewhere, this web site is about genealogical methods, techniques and strategies.

Just Starting out? I've built an area that I hope will get you started. I'll be sharing my own mistakes learning experiences!

I also keep pages of useful stuff here so I can find them, but you might find them helpful too.

A few years ago, I got off on a tangent and searched for pictures of the ships my ancestors used to come to America. I've always loved the water and ships, and have been fascinated by all things related. At some point I realised that I was somewhat uniquely qualified by my genealogical and maritime knowledge to do this, and decided to share the information in a presentation teaching people How to Find and Identify Ships That Their Ancestors Used.

Professionally, I'm a retired Senior Systems Analyst with over 40 years experience. I worked with data all the time. I sliced it, diced it, manipulated it, collated it, organised it and rearranged it to determine and understand relationships. I treat genealogical data the same way, and I have devised techniques that help me. I'm told some of my techniques are unknown to many of my fellow genealogists, so I am developing a Presentation on Genealogical Analytics.

Please be aware that this site will be continually updated and changed, as I learn or devise new research techniques and/or improve my web site presentation and coding skills.

Contact: Message me via FamilySearch (Member JWGreenley) or Ancestry.com (Member JWGreenleyJr).

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